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Wednesday the 31st of May 2006

11:00 PM

Watching Paint Dry

  • Mood: Groggy
  • Weather: Sunny

I have a head cold and a slight crisis of confidence.  It happens every so often - I become convinced I can't paint.  Still I'm going to Wales next week and am sure to see such beauty as would overcome every disability of spirit.  Meanwhile, I have fired my first silver pendant, take a look.

This is based on the Pagan Goddess.  Anyoneone looking for such hand-crafted goodies to stock a store, or even for yourself, please get in contact.  I can't pretend art's making me a living but one must perservere.

Below, an oil painting that is still wet on the canvas.  I've named it 'Summer Faerie.'  It just seemed evocative of the feel of summer, the hot sun and the cool breezes.  I've been very influenced by dancers and performing artists of late and I'm sure you can tell. 

Keep the creativity flowing. 

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Monday the 29th of May 2006

6:28 AM

Up and running

  • Mood: Tired. Damn tired. I think I have narcolepsy!
  • Weather: Rain. Where is the summer?
  • Listening to: Audio. Landover series by Terry Brookes.

First: appologies for disappearing for a time.  Sometimes it's hard to keep on top of things.  My sister has been in hospital having her heart fixed - 8 hours under the knife!  She is recovering nicely now.  Thanks to everyone who sent their good wishes.

My Birthday has been and gone since last I posted.  As a result I have new art books, a camcorder and some PMC (Precious Metal Clay).  I am rather excited about the latter, and have a piece waiting to be fired as we speak - a pagan goddess pendant.

My website - Amuletts's Arts - has had it's revamp completed.  Please visit and see what's new.  You'll see there's a lot more especially in the jewelry department.  It will update regularly.

For those of you who don't know I also do website design.  My rate is just £25 per hour.  So far that works out as about £200 per site, though this varies from site to site.  So if you need a website contact me, details here.

Meanwhile, enjoy the new:

'Poppies' Oil on canvas painting by Amy Letts.

Ahem, Mr.Muse.  Needless to say he doesn't like it.  He say's he does not wear a skirt, but I think a little artistic liscence is permissable considering he doesn't have the curtesy of possessing a lower body.

Is anyone except me impressed that I computer coloured?

  'Knotwork with Green Background,' Acrylic on Canvas by Amy Letts.  No one has commented on this yet.  Being a comment whore this worries me.  I like it though.

As for the comics if you are wondering what happened to them they went HERE.  Read them and... have a giggle.

Keep the creativity flowing.

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Tuesday the 4th of April 2006

5:49 AM

Fullfilling a Promise...

  • Mood: Hungry
Last week I promised to try and draw a comic evey week. Well it's been a week and this, such as it is, is my offering. It's D&D related. Hopefully I'll manage to do something for next week as well. It'll probably be something random that I find vaguely funny at the time.
Friends in Dark Places
Coursework is ranking highly on my to-do list at the moment. You probably won't see much from me till afterwards, however there should be some 'interesting' (if not quite entertaining) art videos for you to watch.
I'm happy to have quite a few jobs at the moment. Being a freelancer trying to build my reputation, porthfolio and customer base it's quite important to me. And I get excited. 'cos I'm like that.
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Monday the 27th of March 2006

10:56 PM

Got myself a crying, walking, sleeping, talking, living Doll!

Hail, Greetings and Felicitations.

Oooo I feel vaguely poverty stricken right now.  Perhaps it's because I need to spend £60 on fabric to build my labyrinth.  However I have solved the technical difficulties which delights me no end.  I've also aquired a mirror.  And ordered some glow-in-the-dark-pens.  All for mysterious arty reasons.  *grin*

I still need experiences resulting in change, so please contribute if you haven't already.  In the meantime more art:

(Above) A drawing based on a dream about choaking on birds.  Pretty weird.  Came out better than I expected.

(Above) 'Doll.'  Part of an art project about controlling relationships.  I love the symmetry.  Freaking people out with the face paint was fun as well.

(Left)  I went for a walk with a friend on sunday.  There were lots of sheep around and he wondered why they all had their backs to us.  I said they were 'welsh sheep' and specially trained.  Heh.  No offense to the welsh - I love you - but it is funny.

I think I will take the pledge and try and draw one cartoon a week.  It's thinking of ideas that's the hard part.  I'm open to suggestions.

Keep the creativity flowing.

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Wednesday the 22nd of March 2006

7:41 PM

Art and University

  • Mood: I want to paint.
  • Weather: Cold, again.

Once more I am enslaved by the essay.  Why do we have essays on a Fine Art degree when there is painting to be done!?  I'm with Da Vinci and advocate practise over theory, for 'the supreme misfortune is when theory outstrips performance.'  Perhaps that would be the basis of my essay if one sentance did not cover it all. 

My Multimedia IT Skills class is proving quite fun (see right). 

I realise I have neglected to post new paintings for quite some time.  So here are some (but not all) for your enjoyment.  Pester me and you shall have more!

(Above) A Valentines Day doodle of an adorable little cherub about to put an adorable little arrow through his adorable little head. 

Undine, a mermaid with absolutely fantastic hair.  Boy I enjoyed painting that...  You can get her on a T-shirt.  Gosh!   http://www.comboutique.com/amuletts

Pebbles, just finished.  Definately going into my exhibition in June.  Details?  The Studio, Holt, Norfolk, England.

Keep the Creativity Flowing.

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Wednesday the 15th of March 2006

11:51 PM

Learn To Draw God Damn You!

  • Mood: Cranky and Ranty
  • Listening to: 60's music

Okay, I'm probably going to offend some people by saying this but I'm wondering why students in the final year of their art degree can't design a good poster?  I'm talking about this poster, advertising a party to raise money for the degree show:

  It's messy, a lot of the writing is very small and the decoration consists newspaper cuttings crudely coloured in pencil.  It's not what I'd expect from highly educated artists.  It's more like the work of my year 4 class while I was teacher training. 

Maybe I'm making too much of a big deal out of this.  You may be thinking 'it's not that bad.'  Well maybe it isn't, but it ain't good either!  It was produced by Artists, soon-to-be graduates.  These people are supposed to excell in visual communication.  Designing an eye-catching, attractive poster should be simplicity itself for them.  I'm sure members of the art department will attend the fundraiser but I seriously doubt anyone else will.  This poster makes me want to shout 'Call yourselves artists?'

Actually it's kinda worrying considering I'm on exactly the same degree.  Will another year of teaching lower me to that standard?  Is this the result of emphasising concept and theory over good, old fashioned skills?  No.  I'm probably overeacting.  I'm sure the students who designed this poster are capable of a hell of a lot better.  They just forgot for a moment.

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Friday the 10th of March 2006

7:17 AM

Life Changing Art - Help my Project

I am doing an art projects on transformations, and specifically change over time.  My particular focus is on transient experiences which are in some way life-changing.  It is my intention to make a labyrinth paved with such experiences, and their lessons.  Labyrinths symbolise the journey of life and are also used as a form of meditation.  The viewers of the piece would interact with it, using the transformative experiences contained therein as a foundation of for walking meditation and contemplation.



I seek your help is forming a collection of transformative experiences to be used in the project.


I would like you to think of important moments in your life, experiences that in some way changed you.  It might be something that altered your views, outlook or your life as a whole.  Think of difficulties you have overcome and what you learnt from them.  I would like you to write a description of what happened and how it changed/taught you.  It can be as long or as short as you like.  If you feel like describing more than one go ahead.  If no big things made an impact write about small things.


Your input will be highly appreciated and I will post images of the project here for you to see. 


Please your experiences below or email them to amuletts@yahoo.com


Feel free to use this topic as a meme and please tell friends about it!

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Tuesday the 24th of January 2006

6:52 AM

Valentine Auctions.

Hail All,

I would like to bring your attention to my Valentine Jewelry Auctions.  What better gift to buy your loved one than hand made jewelry.  Plus you'll be giving me a gift by buying it!  It's not long till the 14th of Feb so get yours not to make sure they arrive on time.

There are some lovely pendants, bracelets and earrings.  Visit http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZamulettsQQhtZ-1 now!


I have also entered the cafepress anti-valentines day competition.  I probably won't win but you can look here if you are interested:  http://www.cafepress.com/cupid_suicide

Anyway I am going to an exhibition in london for a few days, I will post new artworks when I am back.  If you can't wait then visit my deviant art gallery at http://amuletts.deviantart.com

I'm also putting a little shop together here: http://www.comboutique.com/amuletts

Well that should keep you busy till I get back.  Keep the creativity flowing!

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Thursday the 8th of December 2005

8:57 AM


If you're not sure what calendar to buy this year please buy this one - support a starving artist!  If you like looking at my artwork you may even *want* one.  (Gosh). 

Meanwhile I have a big pile of coursework to fight through.


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Saturday the 26th of November 2005

6:40 PM

Beautiful Lampwork Earings

Hello all, I am trying to get my website updated but with Christmas in mind I thought I'd let you have a little sneaky-peak at these.  Twenty-one handmade lampwork earings on silver plated ear wires.  They'd make a lovely Christmas pressent for someone.  They are equally beautiful if not more so in reality.  £5.99 per pair including P&P (UK only), they come wrapped in crepe paper inside a lovely pillow box. 

If you are interested in preordering or would like to see the detail on some of the other earings contact me at amuletts@yahoo.com

Keep the creativity flowing!

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